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Our Story

Hello, I am Cherish Perkins, the CEO and Designer of CHERISH PERKINS LLC. At the age of five I fell in love with fashion and later in life pursued a career in Fashion Merchandising. My life story began years ago but it seems like yesterday as I can still picture myself sketching fashionable outfits for hours while seated at the kitchen table in my parent’s home. At the age of 10, my parents gave me my very first sewing machine, which fueled my interest even more to explore my passion in having my own business in fashion.


After graduating from Central High School, Omaha, NE, I enrolled at the University of Nebraska to prepare myself for future endeavors. My courses included Merchandising, Product Development, Launch a Product, Textile Science, and etc. which prepared me educationally to become the next top world designer. Upon completing 4 years at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, I earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising and minors in Business, Art, and International Studies. Today, I founded my company Cherish Perkins LLC at the same kitchen table where it all started at the age of five.  


Our Mission

Our mission at CHERISH PERKINS LLC is to offer distinctive clothing for individuals who are ready to rule the world while making a statement. We are a Zero Waste Brand:

  • Save materials such as fabric and fastenings

  • Recycled and recyclable materials in our fabric patterns and lining

  • Made-to-order pieces

 We place a high importance on self-love and work hard to ensure that every customer feels as fantastic as they look. I am able to make my customers unique pieces that they can only get from me because of my background in fashion merchandising. My work focuses on apparel for men, women, and children. I have expertise in sewing, art, and graphic design. I am proud of my creative artistic abilities to be able to fulfill all my client’s wants and needs by hand. These items include shirts, jeans, dresses, jumpsuits, and more. I create each piece with love and personalize every experience for my customer.


Did you know that only 7.5% of the 4,397 fashion designers working in the United States today identify as Black? White women and men predominate in the fashion industry. Most of these people are in their 30s and older. I'm an up-and-coming 22-year-old African American female designer who is making history one fit at a time. Through my clothing, I have a responsibility to give minorities a voice and to help them feel accepted and appreciated. I look forward to continue to elevate as a designer and build up my clientele to the fullest. CHERISH PERKINS LLC enables people to “Embrace Every Moment While Cherishing Their Inner Self.”

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